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She grew up in the Caribbean (the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico) where you are automatically surrounded by color, rawness, vivacity, and "flavor", all of these elements greatly influence her work.  With a Fashion Designer as a mom, Flor grew up among fabrics, patterns, and sketches, she even stitched her fingers a couple of times when playing in her mom's workroom.  All of this helped shape her aesthetic and gave her a great understanding of how design and the creative process in general works.

Her professional background includes all aspects of theater, documentary coordination, video production and editing, and a degree in Advertising from the University of Puerto Rico.


She loves traveling (even if it's across the street), eating delicious food, and celebrating people's birthdays.


Flor is a contagious ambassador for self-love, confidence, diversity & inclusion, and she wants you to celebrate your existence at every age and every weight because you’re always worthy. Flor travels around the world to give her clients the best Personal Branding Photoshoot Experience they'll ever have. After Flor’s photoshoot experience, clients have gotten promotions, increased engagement in social media, booked more speaking engagements, made more money, and transformed the way they see themselves because they understood how beautiful, powerful, and photogenic they've always been! She's based in Colorado and Puerto Rico where she lives with her wife Ileanexis and their three plants.

Flor Blake is a portrait, editorial, and commercial photographer with a style consisting of imaginative, vibrant, and dynamic imagery.

“As the eldest of 4 girls, Flor shows classic first-born characteristics, including ambition, responsibility, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a slight mistrust in children when they are suspiciously quiet”


-Flor, speaking in the third person.

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